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  2. Things that I think need help

    Every month^^
  3. God Game... Or Strategy Game? Hey all, I've had the universim for a while now. It's definitely an entertaining game, but I have one Caveat: Is it really a de facto "god Game", or simply a strategy game where you play a god-like role? The descriptions of the universim imply that you have a direct god-to-nugget relation with your nuggets, and that they have their own free will to obey or disobey you. However, I've found that if I leave the nuggets to themselves, they will die off. They don't build farms or wells on their own, I have to tell them to. They don't assign themselves to new buildings, I have to assign them. They don't research new technology, interact with one another beyond mating, or interact with the environment or even my actions when I use god powers. In short, I'm being ignored! The nuggets are atheists, and it hurts! Even worse, I feel like I'm simply the organizer of a generic strategy game, where I'm tasked with micro-managing every last nugget to ensure they keep the civilization moving forward. I guess what I really want to know is this: is the current nugget behavior only present because they haven't yet fully developed the AI? Or am I going to be just as much of a "god" here as I was playing "Age of Empires" or some other strategy game of the like? Is this really going to play out as a generic strategy game? Or (as I'm really really hoping), is this game going to put me in the position of a simulated divine being, with nuggets that do indeed act freely on their own without my interaction but yet respond to my actions and communicate with me? Nuggets that will worship in awe when I cause a meteor strike? Nuggets who take part in cultural and religious rituals to try to please me? And (most importantly), nuggets who don't need their god to continually be telling them what to do? Again, the game is currently fun, but not what I've been expecting. Perhaps someone who knows could shed a light on this issue?
  4. Things that I think need help

    So I've been struggling to get a large civilization in this game because of the water problem but I finally got enough water to support my people for now. Anyways I have 50-60 nuggets and it first started with the grave diggers where they freeze when going to get bodies. Now it has spread to all of my nuggets they just stand still until they die. New Suggestions: 1. if water is going to have the ability to run out I should be able to use my god powers to replenish the ocean at least until my nuggets can make a building that renews water so It can be used again. 2. Perks that let engineers be better at their job I have 6 engineering buildings all full and still they cant keep up 3. People assigned to the funeral pyres or multiple people. My nuggets never collect the bodies to burn them they'll do it maybe if theres one but 5 to 10 nuggets usually die at a time and i just end up having a dead nugget pile the continuously grows because cemeteries fill up too quick and even then I keep encountering the problem i mentioned above with gravediggers. Question: When does the game get updated? Is there a set day when you guys usually update everything? What is expected to be in the next update?
  5. Everyone keeps freezing My nuggets finally were growing i have like 50-60 nuggets. When I came back to my game my pile of dead bodies were standing up and still. My gravediggers go out for a body then they get frozen in the same spot. Earlier it was just the grave diggers getting stuck but now the problem has spread to everyone they all get stuck in random places.
  6. Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues

    I have stone and wood in the warehouse, and they're still collecting stone and wood, but then go to 'doing nothing'. I had wells to upgrade, things to build, but not one of my laborers could be assigned and the 'prioritize' button 'pressed', but nothing happened.
  7. Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues

    I have experienced the same issue, among others, this one breaks the game the hardest.
  8. Youtube - Streams and Videos (German)

    Viel Erfolg wünsche ich dir. Aber wirklich viel gibt es ja nicht zu zeigen wenn du schon mal den Inhalt des jeweiligen Patches komplett durchgespielt und gezeigt hast als Video. Etwas immer wieder zu wiederholen macht es leider nicht interessanter. "Eine neue Ära" in Kombination mit dem Artwork der Stadt ist dann auch etwas irreführend, da du diese natürlich nicht bauen kannst zu diesem Zeitpunkt der Entwicklung des Spiels. Teilweise wirkst du beim kommentieren des Geschehens selbst etwas gelangweilt (ich hab nicht jedes video durchgeschaut sondern nur quer durchgeklickt)... Nur als kleiner Video Tipp am Rande. Wenn du selbst beim aufzeichnen oder abspielen eines Videos Langeweile empfindest oder es so wirkt, wird es auch bei den meisten Zuschauern diesen Effekt erzeugen. Das ist aber ein natürliches Problem beim erstellen von Videos für Spiele, die noch nicht fertig sind. Du kannst natürlich irgendwann nur noch wiederholen und hast auch keine Ahnung mehr was du neues zu bereits gezeigtem erzählen sollst. Lieber weniger Videos sobald neue Inhalte zur Verfügung stehen, statt dich selbst immer zu wiederholen. Sonst endest du wie "How I Met Your Mother" auf Pro Sieben im Nachmittagsprogramm. Es läuft aber keiner interessiert sich wirklich dafür. :-) Ich würde dir raten - Mach jeweils eine Playlist mit kürzeren Videos 10-15 Minuten zu einem Patch Level und spiele so lang bis du den Patch Inhalt ausgereizt hast. Dann schließe die Playlist und beginne bei dem nächsten Patch eine neue. Das hört sich jetzt vielleicht böse oder sehr hart als Kritik an, ist aber definitiv nicht so gemeint. Ich wünsche dir auf jeden Fall viel Erfolg.
  9. Era specific wildlife Here are some suggestions of animals to be implemented for different eras, each animal would have its own behaviours, biomes and role to play in the nugget ecosystem... Prehistoric era : - Mammoths : Slow moving animals that can either be tamed for transport or killed for food/materials, found in all biomes in open flat areas except desert. - Sabre toothed tigers : Dangerous animals limited to the mountaineous and plaines and desert biomes, they hunt other animals and any unfortunate nugget that ventures out too far, they stay away from nugget settlements. Independant creatures, they prefer to sleep and hunt alone in excluded areas. - Boars Docile, medium paced creatures that run when disturbed, have a tendancy to charge at nuggets when wounded. Their natural habitat is the forest and feed off nuts, berries, roots etc.. Good source of food for nuggets and sabre toothed tigers alike. - Wolves Wolves hunt in packs, can eventually be tamed to help nuggets in hunts, nuggets do not hunt/kill wolves, if not in self defence. - Rabbits Fast breeding animals that are in abundance in the plains usually found near burrows, they are the primary source of food for many carnivorous animals and nuggets. They are also cute to watch hop around on the ground. - Bears Living in the mountains, bears are territorial creatures they tend to eat anything that they can catch. - Deer Often found in the plains/forest biomes, they tend to graze in the plains and run into the forest when danger comes close. They are a primary source of food and leather for nuggets. Medieval era : - Chickens Reliable food source, the chickens came from eggs, we do not know who came first but they appeared, and are good food, need grains to grow. Unlocked with farm upgrade - Domesticated boars -> Pigs Reliable food source, offers leather, bones/dung for fertilizer or medicine, very good food source. Unlocked with farm upgrade, needs boars. - Tamed wolves -> Dogs I have no idea why dogs - Mammoths -> Elephants Mammoths died out - Sabre toothed tigers -> leopards/jaguars/tigers The sabre toothed tigers died out. - Donkeys Merchandise transport device Modern era : - Blackbirds - Foxes
  10. meteor storm disasters

    I like the idea of a ring of debris, doesn't have to randomly drop stuff on the planet, it could be a ressource to be exploited later on in the game. I see meteor showers happening at random and at very rare intervals. (Once every 3+ years)
  11. Last week
  12. Hi all! My name is Virginia, or Sugarstardoll (Sugar) in the internet world. I have been watching Universim for months, and have been wanting to play so bad! I finally got a chance to purchase early access and am so excited!
  13. Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues

    It seems when the population reaches 30 they start bugging out for me, They still have jobs assigned but all the nuggets just stop and change their status to "Doing nothing".
  14. Youtube - Streams and Videos (German) Hallo Liebe Community, da ich aus irgendeinem Grund in das deutsche Forum nichts schreiben kann, eröffne ich hier ein Thema. Ich spiele extrem gerne dieses Spiel und mache da zu auch Videos. Meine neueste Reihe ist: "Eine neue Ära". Ich bin offen für Kritik! Was würdert ihr anders machen? Was kann ich noch verbessern? Ist das Limit bei euch auch 40+ Nuggets? Dies bassiert alles auf der Alpha Version Ich wünsche euch Viel spaß beim zusehen und selber spielen! euer Piper
  15. A Bug Report Form

    I think they should do something like this not just on the web, but in the game too. I mean, I know there is a bug report window in the game, but if they add more text fields it would be easier for us and probably for them.
  16. A Bug Report Form Could it be possible to have a bug report form on the website with multiple text boxes to fill in: Title* : [Text Box - Bug] Description* : [Text Box - Short Description of Bug] Tags: [Website/Visual/Textures/AI/Resources/Research/Farming/Workers/Building/Launcher/Audio/Performance...] Universim Version* : [Scroll Down List] Plateform: PC/Mac/Linux.. OS: Windows 64 / Mac OSX .. What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Date/Time Bug happened: Date field Video/Screenshot of Bug: upload youtube link/file here Where does the bug appear: [Text Box] How often does the bug appear: [Text Box] What does this bug affect: [Text Box] How can we recreate the bug? [Text Box] Did any error messages happen? [Text Box] This would allow the bugs to be sorted, easily searchable, easy to manage and class and all put inside a database, this would avoid duplicate bug reports. It is easier to report the bug and also makes sure the users are putting in the right information. All bug reports can then be linked to or sent to bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions .
  17. EDIT: Disregard this one. I didn't notice that the hospital now requires refined lumber My error. Overwhaleming Nuggets Wont Build "Hospital" & Other Bugs I have aborted and placed it numerous times and even after a full summer-winter-summer cycle they wouldn't touch it. Just walked past it. As others have reported, nuggets will end up blocking something and get stuck, thus causing other nuggets to get stuck trying to reach the location. My most recent observation of this was trying to access the food at the storage area. The old trick of picking them up and dropping them elsewhere didn't always work or if it did, it was only after a significant delay.
  18. game glitch

    we are working on this issue
  19. Water Reservoir

    it's like a backup if your pumps can't pump the amount off water you need they start to empty,so you have time to build a new pump
  20. game glitch

    game glitch went to start new life and this happened to all the trees. The leaves are glitched across the screen.
  21. I Won the Game

    The farthest I ever reached was 42
  22. Water Reservoir

    Water Reservoir What does the water reservoir do? Like how does it help my nuggets I don't see a point to it
  23. I think I broke my game?

    I have seen on my own all you are saying, and for what I've read over here it's something common, so don't worry. Creator mode was implemented just 2 weeks ago and they already said they were expecting some unbalance and bugs, so it needs to be improved yet. I'm pretty sure it will be more stable with next updates.
  24. Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues

    I had the same. They wont harvest from fields, farm kept saying no farmer present but their status was 'doing nothing' and was stanfding right beside the farm.
  25. Cant re-download the game

    You can re-download the game through your dashboard here: https://theuniversim.com/members/ If your game is not showing up please file a support ticket to have your dashboard reset. https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions
  26. Cant re-download the game So i just got a brand new pc and i cant download the game. I dont know ware to go can anyone help?
  27. I think I broke my game? So I finally got a good world in creator mode where it was thriving and i saved and exited it. When I came back into the game I can no longer build stuff it all had locks on it even though in creator mode you don't need to research to use buildings (or at least thats how it was working for me). So I clicked on my evolution tower to see if i could research anything but nope its completely blank (I researched all of the little things that speed my nuggets up or make pumps produce more water) Also all of my nuggets where hiding in the bunker even though nothing was happening it was completely sunny out but my weather towers horn was blowing i don't know if that means anything. So whats happening is it a bug? can I not put things down while everyone is hiding in the bunker?
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